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Our dental marketing is effective and affordable because we vend for marketing companies. Call us today and benefit from costs that are 25% to 50% below retail. We encourage you to shop around afterwards!


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You get a call from a man who tells you he is from “Local Google Search” and says he can get your business to appear at the top of the search results. The man explains that for $199 per month you can be at the top. It sounds too good to be true but you’re spending a lot of money advertising in other areas so you decide to give it a try.


Months go by and you don’t see any ranking improvement. You try to call the “Local Google Search” company but they never answer. Finally you call your bank and order a new credit card to stop the recurring billing. You vow to never purchase SEO services again.

Dental Marketing is incredibly difficult! The competition is tough and there are many companies fighting for the top position on Google. Many dental companies try to either tackle their SEO and online marketing all by themselves, and end up wasting money and not improving their rankings.


WEBLYNG Digital Agency specializes in marketing for dental companies and we measure our performance based on ROI. Our #1 job is to keep your phone ringing with new customer phone calls each and every day. We craft a specialized SEO plan based on your business goals and competitive intelligence. We never let your competitors win!

Weblyng Digital Agency
Below are some of the best dental marketing strategies. If you’re trying to grow your dental marketing business using SEO, consider pairing your digital marketing with some of the ideas below. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call! These are only a few tips for your dental practice and we know tons of promotions that are proven to be effective.
By marketing to your existing customer base you can increase your sales with the push of a button. In order to do this, you will need to capture the phone number, email, and address of every client you work with. Use a free tool like MailChimp to send coupons via email. Alternately, you can send your customers a text message that includes a free or discounted add-on service if they book immediately.
A great dental marketing promotion to run is free consultations for high-fee services like dental implants, invisalign, or crowns. Maybe you offer a discount on dental exams or run a few promotions on cleanings. These are only few ways to create a profitable recurring customer base.
Facebook is used by nearly everyone. Run a Facebook campaign to get people in your city to like your page. Once you have a good following you can start sharing dental care tips and tricks. Be sure not to make every post promotional in nature. Over time, this will drive a steady stream of calls and bookings.
If you have the money, set up a small call center and hire sales reps to book appointments. This is the best way to quickly generate appointments and get your dental business rolling. You can even hire home based employees to make your calls. This does require setting up some infrastructure but it will be worth it in the long run.
Get involved with other small business owners and create a referral network. Partner with other service providers in your industry who specialize in a different field. Offer a referral bonus to the companies that refer you. Over time this can turn into a profitable revenue stream. Make sure you are also providing referrals to your group!
Or you can make life easy and focus on teeth and let us focus on traffic. We will use our advanced SEO marketing strategies to position your company ahead of your competitors on Google’s local listing. Give us a call and lets get you your dental practice in front of where your potential customers are searching.
How much do you spend on advertising? After we place your website on page 1 of Google you’ll never have to spend money on advertising again – Customers will find you right away!

It’s important that we understand what your competitors are doing to gain their rankings. We will take a hard look at your competitors and essentially reverse engineer their websites and SEO strategy. You’ll know how much they spend on ads, how much traffic they get, and what keywords they target for organic and paid search campaigns.

The foundation of dental SEO marketing is proper on-page and on-site formatting. We complete a thorough audit of your website to make sure there’s nothing that will prevent it from ranking. We completely optimize the entire site from top to bottom. We add new content, local relevance, schema markup, silo structure, and more. Nothing will prevent your site from ranking when we’re finished!

Now it’s time to start ranking! We create, claim, and optimize your listings for all of the major local business directories. This add hyper-local relevancy to your business and causes you to rank in the “map pack.” Next, we draft a professional press release and syndicate it to our publishing partners. You’ll appear on local and national news websites, even on Google News.

We have to maintain the rankings after we achieve them. SEO doesn’t stop once you’re ranked. If you were to stop SEO after you’re rankings are achieved, your competitors will climb back to the top. We also use some amazing guerrilla marketing tactics that will continue to drive increased traffic and leads to your business.

It’s important for your business to be found on ALL social media platforms. Our social media strategy is great for building a large foundation of followers who you can market to. We also create many digital properties on Web 2.0 platforms and other high authority websites. We allocate time to boosting these brand new web properties so that they can rank in the search results too. Ideally we can fill up several spots on page 1, pushing your competitors to the second page.

Backlinks are one of the largest ranking factors. We build some of the highest quality links to your website. It’s a completely manual process and will never give you a penalty. We only work with the highest quality sites for our authority placements so you can be certain that your site will rise through the SERPs.


We craft bespoke strategies for your local dental business.

Read below to see our entire process for ranking your dental website at the top of the search results.


Your family and employees are all depending on you to help them achieve a higher quality of life. Growing your dental practice through SEO is the ONLY way to solidify your position as a leader in the business. Just fill out the form and we’ll send you over a website and competition audit. Even if you decide not to work with us, you’ll still have some valuable info about your competitors.

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